by Hollis Webb

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released June 8, 2009



all rights reserved


Hollis Webb San Antonio, Texas

If you cut him open, he'd bleed dust and cotton. The beating of his heart sounds like a perfect rendition of the cardboard- drumbeat from Buddy Holly's "Not Fade Away." His name is Hollis Webb, and he would like for you to listen to his weird little music. ... more

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Track Name: The Label On Your Sleeve
Well I really want to touch you.
God, I really want to hold you in my arms.
Every inch you spend apart from me,
I curse the distance and I curse the space between.

I feel the warmth inside your cashmere.
I only wish I was the label on your sleeve.
Maybe then I could be next to you,
but instead I'll have to dream of ways to be
Close to you.
Close to you.
I cut off the beard I grew
So I could be close to you.

Well, I think I'm going crazy;
I'm addicted to the smell of your perfume.
And the lines are getting hazy;
when I wrote this song I know I crossed a few
Over you.
Track Name: Brother Danger
I met a man. He said his name was "Anger."
He gave me money for gasoline.
He took me home; I met his brother "Danger."
I learned to play the cigar-bassoon.

I bought a farm. I planted all my bad days.
I wondered what they would reap.
I got a job. I answer to no one.
I made a promise I could not keep.

Oh, why, oh, why must I feel this way?
He pushed me over. He made me sway.
I couldn't balance, I couldn't stay on my feet.

I joined the mob. I called it "Macaroni."
I started having some bad old dreams.
I went to church I drank a thimble full of Jesus.
I hope he pours one out for me.
Track Name: The Most Awful Things
Why did you go? You didn't tell me where you're going
Well I worried. I didn't know what do
I, I panicked...I had a freak out it was crazy
You do the most awful things to me

I drove a little drunk, I didn't know where to find you
I took the U-turn, I nearly hopped the curb
I couldn't find you, I began to cry
Fuck, you do the most awful things to me

I yelled at you, I wouldn't let you go to sleep
We laid together so fucking angry at each other
I, I hate you, I love you, it's crazy
You do the most awful things to me

We kissed and parted, I left brokenhearted
Dizzy, hungover, bad luck four-leaf clover
I, I hate you, I love you, it's crazy
You do the most awful things to me
Track Name: Crossword
My girl she likes to do the crossword
And she's a Scorpio like me
My girl, she loves her Chips and Queso
but she doesn't like to eat meat

My girl, she likes to play the cello
I think she does it every day
My girl, she doesn't like Nirvana
But I love her anyway

Well I think about her all the time
I just can't get this girl off my mind
I'm feeling certain that if I try
I just might get a date with her tonight

My girl, she watches Law and Order
I think she likes it more than me
But I'll sit and watch it dutifully
Because I love her anyways...

What's 7 letters for the thing I'll do?
I'll L-O-V-E-Y-O-U
Track Name: Your DNA
You know I adore you and your DNA;
those darling little instructions that make you the way you are
Your genes! Those precious little things!
It's the reason why your eyes are brown. It's where the map for you is found.
Your DNA, hey.

It's just a long polymer of nucleotides; it's 22 to 26 Angstroms wide.
It's you. It's beauty! It's where it all resides.
It's the things that make you up inside.
It's where the blueprint for you abides.
Your DNA, hey.

Your Deoxyribonucleic acid
makes all my anxiety nothing more than placid.
Your genetic code describes your kind,
but a better girl with better genes I could never find.
Your DNA, hey.
Track Name: Humiliating
I tried to hide it; went on despite it.
I'm kind of fond of you.
No need to worry; I never hurry.
I love to savor you.
And all the little things you do and say to me.
I get so nervous; I think about you constantly.

It's humiliating, and debilitating.
I'm in love with you.

It's getting quite annoying; I don't know where I'm going.
I crush so hard for you.
Your friends emasculate me; my pals congratulate me.
They all know it's true.
I get so nervous; I wonder what you think.
I tip the scales; I take another drink.

It's humiliating, and debilitating.
I'm in love with you.

Maybe you can tell that I don't like to dwell
on feelings that I feel.
It's been a long time since I would even think
this feeling could be real.

It's humiliating, and debilitating.
I'm in love with you.